Glen Davis Boutique Hotel Line
"Idyllic tranquillity, magnificent panoramas, warm & generous hospitality, spectacular food and a wonderful period setting."

The Perfect Group Venue

The Glen Davis Boutique Hotel is an Art Deco mansion located in Australia's Grand Canyon, the Capertee Valley, being located only 3 hours from Sydney on the Mudgee tourist route. Enjoying world class 360 degree views of the towering and majestic escarpments of the ancient Wollemi National Park, the Hotel is a one of a kind venue.

The uniqueness of this one of a kind venue has seen features on the Great Outdoors and Sydney Weekender. Come discover NSW's best kept secret.                               
Couples welcome for dinner, B&B $350/night         BOB MARLEY FESTIVAL: 21ST MARCH: 2 nights       B&B from $400/couple. Come join the party.                                                                                                                               





Glen Davis Boutique Hotel Line