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  • bushwalking

  • pool lounging

  • photography

  • mine ruin tours (every Sat at 2pm)

  • chilling in our custom treehouse

  • exploring our ghost town

  • playing pool

  • sunset gazing

  • chilling in the hammock

  • 4WD touring

  • exploring our unique wildlife

  • birdwatching

  • sitting round the fire

  • watching the stars

  • playing a boardgame

  • hanging with the local roos

  • mountain bike riding

  • horseriding at Turon Gates

  • relishing in the delights of our Art Deco Mansion

  • savouring lunch at the renowned Rylstone YumCha

  • try scones with a view

  • checkout our amazing natural pagoda


  • or just listen, watch and be.


The Capertee Valley is recognised internationally as an Important Bird Area (IBA) and is one of the top 50 birdwatching destinations in the world. With 19 easily accessible, marked bird watching sites, the property is the ideal base for your next

bird-watching adventure.

Photography: Captured by Karon

Photography: Samateur Picography

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