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Hi, We're Alison & Adam. 15 years ago we decided to leave our careers behind and take on the restoration of a derelict Art Deco property in what was the "most intriguingly magical valley' we had ever seen. Having no idea what was in store for us and our 5 children, but full of enthusiasm and vigour we set off to take on the challenge of our lives.

I'd love to say we were just like the couples on those "let's go renovate a castle" shows, who pay to have all the work done, but alas we were not. I still don't know how, but together we single-handedly bought this magnificent property back to life, reopening her in 2005 to B&B's and groups.

At the time we felt privileged to be able to bring back to life a part of Australia's history, pouring our heart and soul into every detail, to the point where I thought hand painting all the ceilings would be a good idea. 

Anyway we would love to share our home and crazy renovation rescue story with you.

Hope to meet you soon. Alison & Adam xx


"Just like the Harbour Bridge, the work never ends. You get to the end, and then start all over again"

Adam repainting the pool 14 years later. 

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