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Retreat to Nature

Isn't it time you disconnected so you can reconnect with what's truly important?

Our spectacular remote location, free from the binds of modern technology, makes us the perfect venue for your next mindfulness or detox retreat.

With no distractions from technology, you'll have time to relish in the beauty of our surrounds and give yourself a true break from the stresses of constant digital connection.  
Science is the biggest seller of digital detoxing, as a break from technology can improve your:
  • sleep
  • relationships 
  • analytical & problem solving skills
  • productivity & creativity
  • posture
  • mental & physical health
  • attention span
By digitally detoxing in our sublime location you'll gain all the benefits of mindfulness, because frankly it's just too easy to become quiet and focused here.
Mindfulness, THE key to happiness and a stress free life; is the practice of awareness in the present moment, and with our jaw-droppingly views everywhere, gaining the benefits of mindfulness is all too easy at the Glen Davis Boutique Hotel.

Photography: Captured by Karon

Formal mindfulness retreats for individuals and corporates available from $250pp/n. Contact Alison on

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